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bodybuilding and fitness training at the highest level

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a look through the history of the sport

Beginning with “The Great Competition,” bodybuilding’s first competitive event, we walk down a timeline, to the early days of the creation bodybuilding sanctioning bodies to contests that brought the sport from the fringes of society to mainstream prominence.

Take a  look at the timeline of bodybuilding history.



a look at the tournaments, competitions and rivalries through the years

For years, anyone and everyone made a claim to having the best body on the beach, the auditorium or the world. We look at the earliest AAU sponsored competitions to the Mr. Olympia competition and the Arnold Classic.

Take a look at the greatest events in bodybuilding history.

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bodybuilders and fitness competitors

The competition to be named the best was always important but the personalities involved made the sport great and these are the most well-known males in the history of bodybuilding, from Charles Atlas to Steve Reeves to Sergio Oliva to the great Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Take a look at the great men of bodybuilding history.



bodybuilders and fitness competitors

For centuries women were expected to just diet and hope that they could continue looking like they did as teenagers, but modern women hit the gym to develop muscular and fit bodies and began to compete against one another.

Take a look at the great female bodybuilders in history.

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